Anime fans would love it real life was more like it. However, this Japanese art is well known for being melodramatic and including situations which will not be possible in life. Impossible feats that destroy a super mean villain, over the top speeches and, of course, a high energy way of seeing life. Anime characters look at the world as if they were looking through rose colored glasses. However, Dorkly wanted a life in which anime is real. Thus, they created a video which has now become viral in which the question of what could happen if you started behaving as an anime character in real life is answered. 

So, if you are an anime fan, you should really watch this video. You will realize how impossible everything is in anime and how boring real life is. However, even though the reality is pretty dull, some anime fans engage in cosplay to feel a bit closer to their idea of what life should be. If you haven’t experienced the feeling of being able to dress as your favorite anime character, we really encourage you to try it out. When you dress up as a character you love, you feel as if your favorite anime was happening in real life.