A lot of people out there are wonderingwhy are gas prices going up. It is true. The temperature is going up and the gas is too. The prices go up to two dollars the gallon, which is a lot. Experts say that the main reason for this rise has to do with the huge number of people driving. In fact, this year the number of people consuming gas has risen up to its highest numbers in ten years.

Also, gas prices will continue to go up, experts say. Other reasons for the high prices have to with the increase in travel, which, of course, needs gas. There is a huge demand for oil which makes prices go crazy. And, even though oil companies want to keep the numbers where they are, it is very difficult to maintain stable prices with a situation like this. 

So, if you want to avoid high gasoline prices you should try driving a car which consumes less gas. For some people, this is not an option but lowering gas prices isn’t one at the moment either.  

Radio stations all over the world talk about great songs of history or music that have become a landmark for the popular culture. However, they do not speak about the worst songs of all time, do they? Well, last week, during a special edition of the NPR Music program “All Songs”, Carrie Brownstein (a well-known writer, guitarist, and actor) came and spoke about the worst songs in history.

For Carrie, one of the worst songs ever is one from Starship called “We Built This City”. The radio station made a survey and people totally agreed. Carrie explained that he picked this song as the worst due to the fact that it is a total earworm. (You know when you can’t get a song out of your brain? That’s exactly what that song does to you). Radio listeners made a list of their worst songs. However, the song that got the most votes was the one from Starship. 

On another note, the second song that was listed by the audience as the worst of all time was “O bla di o bla da” By the Beatles. This song was also picked by the Rolling Stone magazine as the worst song in music’s history.